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The best in Linux network monitoring software

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When you want to manage as well as monitor the devices that fall under your network you would require a network management tool. This tool is the best and most organized way in which you can manage your network. With Linux network monitoring software, you will be able to manage all the network devices, switches, routers, hubs, firewalls and more.

You could try one of the few add-on Linux network monitoring software that are listed here to find out if you have problems and exactly what has caused them.

a) Nagios which is perfect for network and server monitoring, is a popular network monitoringNagios linux network monitoring application. You will be able to monitor all the network equipments, hosts and services. If things go wrong or are bettered, then you would receive an alert due to the presence of Nagios. The goal of the fully automated Nagios provides installation of Nagios that includes almost all tools that are provided by the Nagios Community.

Cacti - Choose your network monitoring softwareb) Cacti is an out and out solution for network graphing, designed to utilize the power of data storage and graphing functionality as provided by RRDTool. It provides advanced options for graph templating, user management features that are excellent and unique methods for multiple data acquisition, which are truly out of the box. Complex networks with many devices to them as well as simple LAN-sized ones can benefit from this intuitive and easy to apply interface. With the help of Cacti you can find data about the CPU, Network, logged in users, memory, DNS servers, Apache and a lot more.

c) If you require real-time Graphing as well as Systems Reporting, then the KDE System Guard would prove vital. This Linux network monitoring software has features like client/server architecture. Graphical front ends utilize sensors to retrieve the information it displays. Simple values or complex information, for example, tables, can be returned by a sensor. If you are looking at controlling large farms of server, it will prove to be more than just a task manager. Information given by the sensors will be organized as worksheets that can be later loaded independently, of each other and also be saved.

Gnome System Monitor - Linux monitoring software

d) The Gnome System Monitor is an ideal Linux network monitoring software that promotes real time reporting as well as graphing of systems. With the help of it, you will be able to monitor system processes, system resources usage and file systems. You can also display basic information about your computer’s software and hardware.

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