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Small Linux server – TonidoPlug: Cloud in a plug

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The TonidoPlug has to be one of the most impressive, low cost small businesses or home server there is in the market right now. This amazing small Linux server is versatile, can be set up within 5 minutes, using a quick start guide that comes along with it. At about just fewer than hundred dollars, the TonidoPlug can sell itself quite easily. It runs amazing software which supercharge the external hard drives with a wealth of networked potential. You can access, sync and share your files, music, photos and other media from anywhere at all, using a web browser. Powered by the Tonido platform, NAS, is what does that trick for you. TonidoPlug comes with Wi-Fi N as well as SATA II.

This small Linux server comes installed already with some powerful applications from Tonido, namely WebsharePro, Explorer, Search and some more. All of them run on top of Linux Operating Systems that have been embedded. You can extend the TonidoPlug by means of installing brand new third party applications from Tonido’s App. store. Your applications as well as data will be available even if your internet connection is not, through your TonidoPlug. if you connect an internal SATA drive or an external USB hard drive, your small Linux server will convert it into NAS storage that will be accessible from Linux computers that are in a local network. When outside of your local network, you can mount your TonidoPlug folders in the way of local drives, with the help of When TonidoDrive software that comes free for Windows. Or you can utilize WebDAV for upload support as well as drag and drop download.

As a small Linux server, TonidoPlus has several great features. Apart from the ones listed listed here already, it happens to be a green and power efficient computing device which utilizes only between 5 to 13 watts. Your TonidoPlug apps will not require an internet connection, once you have created a Tonido profile. It has a small form and given its low cost, it is ideal for small businesses as well as homes. There is a platter of easy to use and powerful applications that are available right now, with many more on the way. With an extensible platform for development, it allows for new apps to be developed on top of it. This small Linux server provides an alternative to cloud storage services that is compelling. Not only that, an inexpensive power of computing is given to every house and small business firms there are.

Tonido - small linux server

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