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The amazing operating system that is Linux

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An amazing open source operating system, Linux has many Distributions. Linux naturally seems to be ruling the roost with a new Distro being generated every month. The tricky part is deciding which of the Linux distributions you would need to use if you have not yet used Linux or are bored with your more current Linux Distro, The reason is that almost all the distributions share all most the same working environment and features.

Here is a brief overview of some of the favourite Linux operating systems lists that is worth a glance and try:

a) Ubuntu tops the Linux operating systems list and has created several die hard fans for Linux. It is available in cloud, server, netbook as well as desktop versions. The core of Ubuntu has been built using Debian Linux packages in combination with the desktop environment GNOME. The features are strong and infrastructure is super cool and professional looking. Ubuntu is extremely user friendly and is a great Operating System for new Linux users. Distributions that are similar are Kubuntu, Mythbuntu and Edubuntu.

b) Fedora is next favourite one in the Linux operating systems list. It looks like Ubuntu on quite a few counts, but with a smoother electric interface. It shares a lot more similarities with Red Hat Enterprise Linux. It has in the offing a choice between GNOME or KDE desktop environments. These come with the option of two package managers namely, Graphical YUM and Command-line RPM utilities. Distributions that are similar in nature to Fedora apart from Red Hat Enterprise Linux are Moblin and EduLinux.

c) OpenSUSE is one of the most preferred distribution in the Linux operating systems list.  It is ideal for desktop as well as server use. You have the option of desktop environments of KDE or GNOME as well as a user friendly and powerful package management tool called YaST. It uses the package management architecture by RPM.


d) Debian is extremely popular for server, desktop and embedded usage. Alternatives desktop environments like KDE and Xfce are also available apart from GNOME. Distros that are similar to Debian include PureOS, OpenZaurus, Jolicloud etc.,

Gentoo Linux


e) Gentoo has a packaging system that installs software out of source code packages. They are compiled directly on to the target system even though binary packages support is also included. Distros that have been found to be similar Knopperdisk, Pentoo, Ututo etc.,


f) Mandriva, originally called Mandrake, was derived from Red Hat Linux. Mandriva is an excellent implementation of the latter’s 64-bit edition, coupled with extensive internationalization support. A unique control center allows for an easy usage of the system. Mandriva Linux makes use of the Software Compilation from KDE or GNOME, twm and Xfce. Annvix, MCNLive and PCLinuxOS are similar Distros to Mandriva.

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