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This page contains a list of all the VQA files in TD and RA.

Tiberian Dawn

File Description
BANNER.VQA GDI Banner Unfolding
BANR_NOD.VQA NOD Banner Unfolding
BCANYON.VQA Orca Flying Through Canyon
BKGROUND.VQA Background On The Conflict
BLACKOUT.VQA Blackout Of Nod Base
BODYBAGS.VQA Dead Bodies In Body Bags
BOMBAWAY.VQA Planes Airstriking Base
BOMBFLEE.VQA Running Away From Bombers
BURDET1.VQA Greg Burdette Reports 1
BURDET2.VQA Greg Burdette Reports 2
CONSYARD.VQA Construction Yard Unfolding
DESFLEES.VQA Guys Running Away From Tanks In The Desert
DESKILL.VQA Guy Killing Another Guy In The Desert
DESOLAT.VQA Deserted Village
DESSWEEP.VQA Tanks Moving Into A Desert Town
DINO.VQA Dino Movie
FLAG.VQA Flag Being Raised
FLYY.VQA Apachie Shooting APC
FORESTKL.VQA Guy Killing Another Guy In The Forest
GAMEOVER.VQA Tanks Going Onto Plane Tank Store Being Locked Up
GDI1.VQA Capture The Beachead
GDI10.VQA Play With The Orcas
GDI11.VQA Find Delphi
GDI12.VQA Get Mobius
GDI13.VQA Destroy Bio Lab
GDI14.VQA Destroy Nod Forces
GDI15.VQA Destroy Nod Base
GDI2.VQA Destroy Nod Refinery
GDI3.VQA Destroy Sam Sites
GDI3LOSE.VQA Apachie Blowing Up Tank
GDI4A.VQA Capture The Village
GDI4B.VQA Recapture The Convoy
GDI5.VQA Repair GDI Base
GDI6.VQA Destroy Nod Base
GDI7.VQA Finish Nod Base
GDI8A.VQA Repair GDI Equipment
GDI8B.VQA Protect Mobieus
GDI9.VQA Destroy Bunkers
GDIEND1.VQA GDI End No Ion Cannon
GDIEND2.VQA GDI End With Ion Cannon
GDIFINA.VQA Missiles Shoot Temple
GDIFINB.VQA Temple Is Ion Cannoned
GDILOSE.VQA GDI Logo Being Turned Into Nod Logo
GENERIC.VQA Kane Ordering Nod To Look For Dinos
GUNBOAT.VQA Gunboat Blowing Up Turret
HELLVALY.VQA Valley Filled With Tiberium
INFERNO.VQA Flame Tank Torching Village
INSITES.VQA Sam Site Shooting Plane
INTRO2.VQA C&C Intro Movie
IONTEST.VQA Ion Cannon Test
KANEPRE.VQA Kane’s Intro To Tiberium
LANDING.VQA Hovercrafts Landing
LOGO.VQA Westwood Logo
NAPALM.VQA Planes Blowing Up Mobile HQ
NITEJUMP.VQA Soldiers Infiltrating Base
NOD1.VQA Kill Village Chief
NOD10A.VQA Kill Scientist
NOD10B.VQA Destroy Mammoth Tank
NOD11.VQA Recapture Stealth Tank
NOD12.VQA Capture Communications Center
NOD13.VQA Remove GDI Bases
NOD1PRE.VQA Static To Nod Logo
NOD2.VQA Setup A Base
NOD3.VQA Free The Prisoners
NOD4A.VQA Destroy Village
NOD4B.VQA Eliminate The GDI
NOD5.VQA Destroy The Airbase
NOD6.VQA Get Detonator
NOD7A.VQA Destroy Village
NOD7B.VQA Capture Orca
NOD8.VQA Capture GDI Base
NOD9.VQA Reinforce Base
NODEND1.VQA Destroying The Effiel Tower
NODEND2.VQA Destroying The White House
NODEND3.VQA Destroying Big Ben
NODEND4.VQA Destroying The Gate
NODFINAL.VQA Nod Getting The Ion Cannon
NODFLEES.VQA Nod Soldiers Runnning Away
NODLOSE.VQA Nod Logo Turning Into GDI Logo
NODSWEEP.VQA Nod Forces Assaulting Village
NUKE.VQA Nuclear Expolsion
OBEL.VQA Obelisk Of Light
PARATROP.VQA Paratroopers
PINTLE.VQA Helicopter Being Shot Down
PLANECRA.VQA Transport Plane Crashing
PODIUM.VQA GDI Person At Press Confrence
REFINERY.VQA Info On Tiberium Refinery
REFINT.VQA Interior Of Tiberium Refinery
RETRO.VQA Rescue Mission
SAMDIE.VQA Sam Site Being Blown Up
SAMSITE.VQA Sam Site Firing
SEIGE.VQA Siege On Base
SETHPRE.VQA Background On The Brotherhood
SPYCRASH.VQA Spyplane Crash
STEALTH.VQA Stealth Tank
SUNDIAL.VQA Sundial Being Blown Up
TANKGO.VQA Tanks Rolling Through The Desert
TANKKILL.VQA Tank Being Blown Up
TBRINFO1.VQA Tiberium Info 1
TBRINFO2.VQA Tiberium Info 2
TBRINFO3.VQA Tiberium Info 3
TIBERFX.VQA The Effects Of Tiberium
TRAILER.VQA Red Alert Preview
TRTKIL_D.VQA Turret Being Blown Up In The Desert
TURTKILL.VQA Turret Being Blown Up In The Forest
VISOR.VQA Change Of Plan

Red Alert

File Mission(s) Description
AAGUN.VQA Allied 8 Intro, Soviet 10 Lose Yak Being Shot Down By AA-Gun
AFTRMATH.VQA Allied 12 Win Binoculars Zoom In On Destroyed Soviet Base/Iron Curtain (Same base as ASSESS.VQA)
AIRFIELD.VQA Soviet 10 Intro Yaks Taking Off From Airstrip
ALLY1.VQA Allied 1 Briefing Retrieve Professor Einstein From Soviet Techcenter
ALLY10.VQA Allied 10 Briefing Disable Soviet Nuclear Base
ALLY10B.VQA Allied 10 Missile Launch Briefing Prevent Nuclear Missiles From Reaching Targets
ALLY11.VQA Allied 11 Briefing Clear Bottleneck For Warships
ALLY12.VQA Allied 12 Briefing Capture Tech Centers
ALLY14.VQA Allied 14 Briefing Destroy Soviet Bases
ALLY2.VQA Allied 2 Briefing Clear The Pass For Convoy
ALLY4.VQA Allied 4 Briefing Clear The Pass From ALLY2 Again
ALLY5.VQA Allied 5 Briefing Rescue Tanya
ALLY6.VQA Allied 6 Briefing Infiltrate And Destroy Soviet Tech Centers
ALLY8.VQA Allied 8 Briefing Defend the Chronosphere And Tech Center During Experiments
ALLY9.VQA Allied 9 Briefing Extract Kosygin From Soviet Base
ALLYEND.VQA N/A Stavros Gagging And Burying Stalin Under A Rock
ALLYMORF.VQA Allied 6 Win, Soviet 4, 8 & 13 Lose Blob Morphing Into Allied Logo
ANTEND.VQA N/A End Of “It Came From Red Alert” Bonuscampaign
ANTINTRO.VQA N/A Intro Of “It Came From Red Alert” Bonuscampaign
APCESCPE.VQA Allied 9 Win, Allied 13 Win APC Driving Past With Battlefield In Background
ASSESS.VQA Allied 12 Intro Binoculars Zoom In On Soviet Base/Iron Curtain (Same base as AFTRMATH.VQA)
AVERTED.VQA Soviet 7 Win Soviet Computer Reporting On Averted Meltdown
BATTLE.VQA Allied 14 Lose Large Battlefield With Exploding Tank
BEACHEAD.VQA Soviet 14 Intro Turrets Firing At Tanks Unloading From Transport At Beach
BINOC.VQA Allied 4 Intro Man Near Jeep Spotting Soviet Tanks Through Binoculars
BMAP.VQA Allied 1, 4 & 13 Lose Dagger Falling On Map Of Europe, Coloring It Red
BOMBRUN.VQA Soviet 8 Win Advanced Power Plant Getting Parabombed
BRDGTILT.VQA Allied 3 Intro Camera Tilting Around Bridge
COUNTDWN.VQA Soviet 7 Intro Soviet Computer Counting Down To Meltdown
CRONFAIL.VQA Allied 8 Lose, Soviet 14 Intro Chronoshift-test Failing
CRONTEST.VQA Allied 8 Win Chronoshift-test Succeeding
DESTROYR.VQA Allied 11 Intro Destroyers Moving Through A River During Winter
DOUBLE.VQA Soviet 5 Intro Two MCVs Moving Over Grassland
DPTHCHRG.VQA Soviet 6 Lose, Soviet 11 Lose Depthcharges Being Released
DUD.VQA Allied 10 Win Bird Pooping On Nuclear Missile Near British Parliament
ELEVATOR.VQA Allied 10 Intro Soviet Elevator Doors Closing
ENGLISH.VQA Unknown Unknown
EXECUTE.VQA Soviet 3 Win Deathsquad Executes Spy
FLARE.VQA Soviet 1 Intro Man Using Signal Flare With Planes Flying Over
FROZEN.VQA Allied 2 Lose Frozen Alied Soldier In Trench
GRVESTNE.VQA Allied 5 Lose Tanya Adams’ Gravestone
LANDING.VQA Allied 1 Intro Chinook Flying Over Soviet Base And Landing
MASASSLT.VQA Allied 14 Win Allied Troops Moving Into Moscow
MCV.VQA Allied 2 Intro, Allied 6 Intro MCV Stopping In Snow
MCV_LAND.VQA Allied 10 Intro MCV Standing Near Chinook Landing
MCVBRDGE.VQA Soviet 12 Intro (Soviet) MCV Moving Over Bridge
MIG.VQA Soviet 10 Win MIG Moving Through Mountain Pass And Blowing Up Tank
MONTPASS.VQA Allied 2 Win Convoy Driving Over Soviet Sign
MOVINGIN.VQA Soviet 9 Intro Convoy Driving Past
MTNKFACT.VQA Soviet 13 Intro Mammoth Tank Being Produced
NUKESTOK.VQA Soviet 7 Lose Nuclear Explosion
OILDRUM.VQA Allied 4 Win Tank Blowing Up Base By Blowing Up Oil Barrels
ONTHPRWL.VQA Soviet 6 Intro Submarine Passing By
OVERRUN.VQA Allied 6 Lose Soldiers In Trench Jump Away From Tank
PERISCOP.VQA Soviet 11 Intro Periscope Sees Destroyer, Torpedo Is Fired (Fade-out Before Hit)
PROLOG.VQA N/A Einstein Travels Back In Time To Kill Hitler (Red Alert Prologue)
RADRRAID.VQA Soviet 4 Win Tanks Destroy Radar Dome
REDINTRO.VQA N/A Red Alert Intro
SEARCH.VQA Soviet 3 Intro Searchlights
SFROZEN.VQA Soviet 1 Lose, Soviet 9 Lose Frozen Soviet Soldier In Trench
SHIPSINK.VQA Allied 7 Lose, Allied 11 Lose Helicopter Flying Over Sea Towards Smoke On The Horizon
SHIPYARD.VQA Unknown Unknown
SHORBOM1.VQA Allied 7 Intro Ship Locking Onto Target On Shore
SHORBOM2.VQA Allied 7 Win Cruiser Bombards Soviet Base
SHORBOMB.VQA Allied 11 Win Ship Locking Onto Target On Shore, Then Bombarding It (Actually SHORBOM1.VQA and SHORBOM2.VQA in one video)
SITDUCK.VQA Soviet 6 Win, Soviet 11 Win Submarine Destroys Cruiser
SLNTSRVC.VQA Soviet 8 Intro Submarine Passing By
SNOWBASE.VQA Unknown Unknown
SNOWBOMB.VQA Allied 1 Win Winterland Variation Of SHORBOM2 (Cruiser Bombards Soviet Base)
SNSTRAFE.VQA Soviet 1 Win Yak Firing On Village, Teddy Bear Falls To The Ground
SOVBASE.VQA Unknown Unknown
SOVBATL.VQA Soviet 5 Lose, Soviet 12 Lose Large Battlefield
SOVCEMET.VQA Soviet 2 Lose, Soviet 14 Lose Soviet Cemetery
SOVFINAL.VQA N/A Soviet Victory (Everybody Kills Each Other And Kane Comes To Power)
SOVIET1.VQA Soviet 1 Briefing Kill All Resisting Civilains
SOVIET10.VQA Soviet 10 Briefing Escort Convoy Through Mountain Pass
SOVIET11.VQA Soviet 11 Briefing Destroy Allied Naval Fleet
SOVIET12.VQA Soviet 12 Briefing Capture The Chronosphere
SOVIET13.VQA Soviet 13 Briefing Capture The Chronosphere (again)
SOVIET14.VQA Soviet 14 Briefing Destroy Allied Base
SOVIET2.VQA Soviet 2 Briefing Defend Command Center And Destroy Allied Base
SOVIET3.VQA Soviet 3 Briefing Kill Allied Spy
SOVIET4.VQA Soviet 4 Briefing Destroy Allied Base
SOVIET5.VQA Soviet 5 Briefing Establish Presence on Khalkis Island
SOVIET6.VQA Soviet 6 Briefing Get Convoy To Other Side Of River
SOVIET7.VQA Soviet 7 Briefing Avert Meltdown Of Nuclear Reactors
SOVIET8.VQA Soviet 8 Briefing Destroy Allied Base
SOVIET9.VQA Soviet 9 Briefing Destroy Captured Convoy
SOVMCV.VQA Soviet 4 Intro Soviet MCV Stopping In Snow
SOVTSTAR.VQA Allied 3 & 9 Lose, Soviet 2 & 13 Win Soviet Star Animation
SPOTTER.VQA Soviet 2 Intro Binoculars Spot 3 Soldiers
SPY.VQA Allied 9 Intro, Allied 13 Intro Spy Disables Soviet Guard
STRAFE.VQA Soviet 5 Win Yak Destroys Two Jeeps
TAKE_OFF.VQA Soviet 3 Lose Chinook Taking Off
TANYA1.VQA Allied 5 Intro Tanya Being Interrogated
TANYA2.VQA Allied 5 Win Tanya Being Rescued
TESLA.VQA Soviet 12 Win Tesla Coil Takes Out Tank
TOOFAR.VQA Allied 3 Win Bridge Getting Blown Up, Jeep Getting Pushed Over The Edge By Tank
TRINITY.VQA Allied 10 Lose Nuclear Explosion Next To Eiffel Tower
V2ROCKET.VQA Soviet 9 Win V2 Rockets Being Launched On Cliff

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