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Déjà Dup – a leading linux backup software

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Have you burnt your fingers before, having lost valuable data or continue to lose sleep over perhaps one day losing out on all that data that is stored on your system? You no longer need to fret and stress as there is a host of Linux backup software tools that will come to your rescue.

Burning files onto a single hard disk will never protect your data from a disk failure or any other accident that will lead to data loss. Not only this, it will not instantly back up any important temporary files or configurations. Linux backup software will help you help you identify important directories and files that are being monitored constantly as well as being backed up. But would you be able to prevent Déjà Dup is the one of the best choices for backup your linux machineredundant data being stored? No worries, Linux backup software will carry out incremental backups. This means that, first the tool will take the directory’s full initial imprint and only then, make copies of new files that are there or the files that have been modified since the previous backup. To help understand better, if the pictures directory was taken a back up of on Tuesday, it would contain files that were added or modified after Saturday’s backup. Some of the backup tools compress data so that you store better and some even encrypt data while making copies. Now which Linux backup software tool is really the best one?


With a rating of 9 on a scale of 10, Déjà Dup leads the race currently. It a command line gem, with features like encrypted incremental archives and storage of backups in a remote location or the local file system, via SSH. On launch from the System Tools menu, Déjà Dup’s interface might seem to be very simplistic. That is not true. What you need to do is select files that you would want to back up as well as add settings like back up location using the Edit>Preferences toolbar option. Within the Preferences window, you can select the option to automatically backup files on a fixed, regular schedule box, be it monthly, bi-weekly, weekly or daily.


It is notable that Déjà Dup does not give you the option of creating backup sets despite supporting incremental backups. An interesting fact to note that this  linux backup software only offers those backups to be restored that have a specified backup location, under preferences. To explain with an, if you create a back up for your pictures under a directory called photos and you have your videos under vids, when you point your preferences dialog to photos, you would be restoring only the backup of your pictures. In summary since it offers incremental backups as well as encryption it is a large contender to stand in the higher up podium stand.

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