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FreeCNC is an open-source implementation of the Command & Conquer game engine, written in SDL. It will support the original C&C graphics and audio file formats.

Former Team

Euan MacGregor (zx64)

  • Developer

Stijn Gijsen (GoneWacko)

  • Website developer

Thomas Johansson (prencher)

  • Developer
  • Website admin

And now (30.08.2010) it’s only Lashkov Pavel (asokr)

  • Website developer
  • Website admin

Previous team members

Bernd Ritter (comrad) – email unknown

  • Old website developer

Jonas Jermann (g0th) – email uknown

  • Developer

Kareem Dana (kareemy) – email unknown

  • Developer


  • Developer

Tim Johansson (Tim^) – email unknown

  • Started the project
  • Developer


Thanks to everybody who have contributed patches and insights over the years, especially the people who reverse engineered the file formats.

Thanks to SourceForge for hosting our SVN and project pages.

And finally thanks to anybody else we may have forgotten – do contact us if you belong here :)

  1. hello,

    how is it atm with the Project?

    Comment by Master Erie — June 15, 2013 @ 12:23 pm

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