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Déjà Dup – a leading linux backup software

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Have you burnt your fingers before, having lost valuable data or continue to lose sleep over perhaps one day losing out on all that data that is stored on your system? You no longer need to fret and stress as there is a host of Linux backup software tools that will come to your rescue.


The amazing operating system that is Linux

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An amazing open source operating system, Linux has many Distributions. Linux naturally seems to be ruling the roost with a new Distro being generated every month. The tricky part is deciding which of the Linux distributions you would need to use if you have not yet used Linux or are bored with your more current Linux Distro, The reason is that almost all the distributions share all most the same working environment and features.


The best in Linux network monitoring software

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When you want to manage as well as monitor the devices that fall under your network you would require a network management tool. This tool is the best and most organized way in which you can manage your network. With Linux network monitoring software, you will be able to manage all the network devices, switches, routers, hubs, firewalls and more.

Small Linux server – TonidoPlug: Cloud in a plug

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The TonidoPlug has to be one of the most impressive, low cost small businesses or home server there is in the market right now. This amazing small Linux server is versatile, can be set up within 5 minutes, using a quick start guide that comes along with it. At about just fewer than hundred dollars, the TonidoPlug can sell itself quite easily. It runs amazing software which supercharge the external hard drives with a wealth of networked potential. You can access, sync and share your files, music, photos and other media from anywhere at all, using a web browser. Powered by the Tonido platform, NAS, is what does that trick for you. TonidoPlug comes with Wi-Fi N as well as SATA II.


Top 3 Linux Virtualization Software

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Computers these days have sufficient power to run entire operating systems within the main operating system. This translates into the fact that virtual machines are more of a routine now than ever before. What virtual machines do is, allow you to run an operating system following suit within one other operating system.

A few Email came to me…

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Hello, for this year, I got nearly four Emails about FreeCNC project. And I must said that I have not access to SVN :(, or some other old resources of project.

If we want to develop the project – we need to start all over again. Unfortunately I do not programing on C. And I need help for start new SVN for FreeCNC. back to work!

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Hello. Let’s revive the project freecnc.
Too much time passed, since as the development of the game is stopped. If you have some add-ons, patches, please share them with everyone, send them to the E-mail We will gladly publish them on the site.

Also, we will welcome any assistance in further development of the project.